Shavkat Mirziyoev visits mausoleum and mosque Suzuk-Ota

Speaking about the quality of our people, first and foremost it is necessary to note the humanity, mercy, generosity. Indeed, these human qualities are manifested in their daily lives, intentions, actions.

People’s interests in our country are valued above all, while the purpose of a wise policy is to further improve the people’s living standards, respect for elders, beautification of the sacred and revered places. In this sense, the head of state started his to Shayhantahur district, with a visit to the mausoleum and the mosque Suzuk – Ota.

An extensive work is being carried out in the country under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, on the revival of national customs, traditions and values of the people, our sacred religion, a deep study of the rich heritage of our great thinkers.

Suzuk-Ota’s birth name was Mustafakul, he was born in 1140. He was the youngest son of Gavhari Hushtoj – daughter of Ahmad Yassavi. Grandfather, shaking his little grandson on his knees, often said: “My dear, lovely (Suzigim), welcome!”, and people began to call the boy this way. Suzuk-Ota had educated hundreds of students, taught crafts Our great ancestor Amir Temur built the mausoleum and the mosque at the grave of Yassaviy’s grandson Suzuk Ota in 1363-1364.

In the years of independence this sacred place of worship was restored and landscaped. Suzuk-Ota makhalla is home to more than five thousand people.

This mausoleum and mosque should serve to further increase our morality, the president said. The head of state gave instructions to responsible persons.