Navruz “breaks down barriers”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered remarks at a ceremony marking the International Day of Nowruz in New York.
“This is a wonderful occasion to celebrate together. Today we join hundreds of millions of people around the world marking Nowruz. Everyone can take inspiration from this joyous holiday. It is part of our global cultural heritage,” Ban said.
He noted that Navruz is an ancient celebration that predates today’s borders and divisions. “It is a reminder that national boundaries, religious faiths and other superficial differences are not as important as our common humanity. In that way, Nowruz breaks down barriers and builds bonds of trust,” he emphasized.
“This year’s commemoration comes at an important time for our world. We are at the start of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – our plan to achieve dignity for all people – as well as the Paris Agreement on climate change.
“Nowruz is a perfect example of unity in diversity. Let us take inspiration from this meaningful holiday to make a fresh start on our journey to a more just, sustainable and peaceful world,” he concluded.
Editor’s note: while the name of the holiday is spelled “Navruz” in Uzbekistan and other countries, the spelling option adopted by the UN is “Nowruz”.