One Belt, One Road

A joint Uzbek-Chinese film is going to be shot in Uzbekistan in the near future within the framework of the project ‘One Belt, One Road’, which will be about the centuries-old history of the Great Silk Road.

The storyline features the culture and traditions of the two Asian peoples, which will be a kind of a glimpse into the past. This was stated by the head of the China Film Promotion International Company Gu Guoqing at the press conference dedicated to the deepening and further cooperation between Uzbekistan and China in the field of cinematography, which was held at the Cinema House in Tashkent.

The participants discussed the issues on joint work on promising projects, and shooting of short, animated, documentary and feature films, as well as organization of festivals and cultural events.

“I very much hope that thanks to our cooperation, Uzbekistan citizens will be able to better understand China,” Gu Guoqing emphasized. “And the first steps in the development of these relations in the future will bring fruitful results in the cultural and social interaction of our peoples.”

The head of the film company noted that the Chinese side is studying issues related to the shooting of the film and the search for scenes for the script that would reflect the overall idea of ​​the project.

In this regard, the Chinese delegation traveled to Samarqand and Bukhara, and also visited a number of other historical places of Uzbekistan.

The parties agreed on the joint training of professional staff and the upgrading of their skills, the wide introduction of modern technologies in this area. The projects on creation of joint highly artistic film productions were discussed as well.