Six Most Popular Types of Travel in Uzbekistan

Tourism in Uzbekistan today is a variety of tourist products for the most demanding taste: historical and cultural, ethnic, ecological, health and MICE industry.

Historical and cultural is classic, decades-tested and favorite forms of tourism in Uzbekistan. The turquoise domes of the madrassah, shining through the centuries of majolica mausoleums and ornate brickwork of the minarets of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, have an astonishing appeal and oriental charm. They rightly stand alongside the monuments of ancient India, China and Egypt. The unique design, composition and technological solutions of ancient masters in the erection of monumental buildings amaze the imagination of even modern experts. Each traveler after a trip around the country becomes much spiritually richer, because he takes with him for all time thousands of digital images of hundreds of architectural pearls of Uzbekistan.

Ethnic tourism. Modern hotels, restaurants, cinemas are often completely indistinguishable from each other. When you wake up in a hotel room, you do not immediately understand: Canberra or Bern? Another thing is if you fall asleep under a shanyrak – a round grid in the dome of a nomad yurt – in the steppe spaces after a smelling smoke haze under the stars the size of a peach. Therefore, more and more guests of the country use the opportunity to stay for a few nights in family guest houses, to live in a yurt. The design of the yurt has not changed since the description of her father by the history of Herodotus two and a half thousand years ago. Yurt gives a cool in the heat and warmth in the cold. Ethnic tourism provides an opportunity to immerse in the way of life, culture and worldview of the Uzbek people, to study in detail the process of work of artisans, to participate in the process of preparing national dishes. Quintessence of ethnos can be called various ethnographic and culinary festivals, crafts fairs, which are held from spring to autumn and gather tens of thousands of spectators from all over the world who want to get acquainted with the cultural diversity of the Uzbek people.

Leisure. Among modern travelers there is a significant layer of people who are bored simply walking with a guide from the monument to the monument. For such tourists in Uzbekistan there are many attractive offers and interesting places: the tops of Chimgan and the Charvak reservoir, which are located only 80 km from Tashkent, the Nurata Mountains, the Kyzylkum Desert, and the Aidarkul Lake and, of course, the Aral Sea together with the plateau. For lovers of an active way of life, here is the real expanse: mountain hikes, rafting on rough mountain streams, jeep safari, fishing and hunting and in winter time – skiing and for the most daring – Heli Ski tours.

Ecological tourism. Did you know that only in a few cities of the planet with a population of two or three million people at night are the stars visible? Tashkent is one of such cities with a transparent sky. This is facilitated by the proximity of the mountains, and the transfer of a significant amount of vehicles to gas. What can I say, in Tashkent, which is an hour’s drive from the snowy peaks, the water of mountain rivers flowing from the water taps, which originate in the glaciers. It is not surprising that in Uzbekistan many popular tourist routes pass near nature reserves and national parks where pristine nature remains and live animals and birds included in the Red Book: bears, leopards, snow leopards, gazelle, vintour goats and mountain sheep, pheasants and golden eagles.

Recreational rest. All the more popular are medical tours to the mountain-climatic resorts of Uzbekistan, located in picturesque places. The resort on the territory of the Zaamin reserve is located at an altitude of 2 thousand meters above sea level. Unique hydrochloric sanatorium in the bowels of the cave Khujaikon operates in the spurs of the Kugitangtau ridge of the Surkhandarya region. In Uzbekistan, a number of climatic and balneological resorts with thermal, chloride-hydrocarbonate sodium waters for bоth drinking and therapeutic baths and showers. Successfully used silt sulphide mud, which is imported from the Jizzakh region from Lake Balykly.

MICE industry. The successful combination of developed modern infrastructure and the availability of attractive tourism facilities have turned Uzbekistan, in particular Tashkent and Samarkand, into the favorite places for holding international and regional events of interstate, transnational and sports organizations. In Uzbekistan today, the MICE industry is actively developing (from the English abbreviation MICE – meeting – incentive – conference – events), which in the modern world has become an integral part of tourism. Its services are increasingly used by many companies and organizations in the conduct of corporate events. It can be incentive tours, corporate leisure, business meeting, conference, business dinner, unforgettable excursions or entertaining evening programs in beautiful places all over Uzbekistan.