Uzbekistan – a dynamically developing country with a great future – 26.03.2015

Representatives of foreign states and international organizations, who came to observe the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, shared their views with UzA correspondents on the development of our country, the results of economic and democratic reforms, reports National Information Agency Uza.

Dario Citati, program director of “Eurasia”, Graduate Institute of Geopolitical Studies and Allied Sciences (Italy):

– Uzbekistan – dynamically developing state. This is clearly reflected in the steady growth of the gross domestic product.

Uzbekistan has a high tourist potential. When I first saw Tashkent, I was just amazed. Beautiful image of your capital, combining national traditions and the spirit of modernity, makes an unforgettable impression. And the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, its unique historical monuments, the beauty and grandeur conquer anyone.

On election day, I will observe the voting process in Khiva.

Du Yanjun, assistant of the president of the Academy of Contemporary International Relations (China):

– We are well aware that Uzbekistan pays special attention to women’s interests. I know that in the Constitution there is a separate article, which states that women and men have equal rights.

In your country all the more enhanced the status of women in society. They actively participate in important socio-economic and political processes. In doing so, we have seen once again at a meeting in the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan.

Cooperation between China and Uzbekistan, risen to the level of strategic partnership, is developing in all directions. As a result, regular dialogue between leaders of the two countries, linking their relationship of mutual respect and trust, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation between our peoples Chinese-Uzbek relations constantly and steadily expanded and enriched with new content.

Election of the President – is an important process that determines the future of the country, and not just for the next five years. The people of Uzbekistan, deeply conscious of it, showing civic activism. So I’m sure that on March 29, voters will actively vote for the country’s future.

Kyudzo Kato, archeologists (Japan):

– Uzbekistan achieves great success in all areas. Radically changing the face of towns and villages. Due to the large-scale creative and improvement work and grow the level of quality of life.

History of Uzbekistan is rich and unique. Your people have played an important role in the development of world science and culture. I was convinced during his many years of scientific research conducted in conjunction with the Uzbek scientists in such historical monuments as Dalvarzintepa, Koratepa. It deserves special praise that country preserving the rich cultural heritage of our great ancestors, historical monuments, honoring scientists who have made an enormous contribution to the development of civilization, the study of their scientific heritage is raised to the level of state policy.

Considering Uzbekistan as my second homeland, I am glad that I participate in such an important political event as the presidential elections, being an observer.

Gerhard Birkl, director of cultural and public company “Silk Road” (Germany):

– Personally convinced that based on the wise policy updates, gradually implemented in Uzbekistan effective reforms in the political, legal, social and economic spheres are yielding good results.

In 2013, our organization, together with the National Company “Uzbektourism” created a web site about the history and present of the customs and traditions of Uzbekistan, its towns and villages, national dishes. Working to further expand and strengthen our cooperation in this regard.

I have long wanted to take part in the celebration of Navruz in Uzbekistan. Happy that my dream finally came true.

With great admiration by the active youth of Uzbekistan in all spheres. They are deeply trained in modern technology have comprehensive knowledge, fluent in several languages. The country, which has such great wealth, of course – a great future.

IA “Jahon”